Here is a collection of links that I think might be useful to visitors to my site. They are a combination of resources that have been useful to me over the course of my own journey and awakening process, as well as directories where visitors can find a variety of resources on various metaphysical topics, and where other practitioners can list their services.

Ascension-NewAge Directory – Online directory of metaphysical resources and practitioners in many categories.

Conscious Life Expo – An annual large gathering in Los Angeles of a who’s who among consciousness, new age and UFO research pioneers. Topics covered run the gamut from ancient advanced civilizations to modern extraterrestrial contacts and the influence of higher-dimensional beings on humanity’s evolution (and how all of these threads intersect in the dimensional consciousness shift now taking place). I have attended several times and each time it was truly a magical gathering of fascinating and inspiring information. A wonderful event for anyone living in the LA area who is interested in these topics, live streams and videos on demand also available.

Divine Cosmos – The official site for the work and research of David Wilcock, likely reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. David Wilcock is a pioneer in the field of consciousness evolution, Earth Ascension, ancient civilizations and extraterrestrials, and is also likely the world’s leading authority on research into the hidden power structures on Earth today. His focus, however, is to help prepare us for the enormous and exiting changes that await us as our planet moves into a higher vibration of consciousness. A must visit for anyone wishing to be on the forefront of any of these subjects.

HoloBeing – An innovative healing collective close to downtown Boulder, CO, where I currently share office space. This group of holistic healing practitioners includes a variety of professionals specializing in physical healing modalities such as acupuncture and massage therapy, integrative psychologists and life coaches, as well as other intuitive guides, coming together to provide a diverse range of healing options for the community.

OmPlace – Wide-ranging directory of conscious living resources with links to many practitioners.

Share Guide – Holistic health and well being magazine based in Northern California but offering links to practitioners nationwide, including in the intuitive arts.

Soul 151 Readings on Facebook – My official site on Facebook for Soul 151 Readings. Interact with me here and you can ask questions about what I do and how I came to be doing what I’m doing. I can also answer some general questions about empathic/psychic phenomena, 2012 and Earth Ascension, as well as hidden earth history and the influences of extraterrestrials and nonphysical beings on our experiences here on the planet right now.

Sphere Being Alliance (a.k.a. The Blue Avians) – The official site for secret space program (SSP) insider, whistleblower and liaison to the Blue Avians and the Sphere Being Alliance, Corey Goode. Corey Goode was inducted into one of the secret MILAB programs at a young age due to his advanced intuitive abilities, and spent over two decades in the dark world of breakaway secret earth government-sanctioned space exploration and development. After leaving this world, he  bravely decided to begin disclosing the abuses committed by this and other programs, and confirming what many others have been saying about humanity’s already vast secret advances in technology and interactions with many different extraterrestrial races, both past and present. A number of first hand accounts of this hidden world and its continuing drama are outlined in riveting detail on this site. Recently, he has also become a liaison and messenger for the Blue Avians, an apparently benevolent race of humanoid beings with bird-like features, who have come to act as guardians for this solar system as humanity works to resolve and integrate the important and sometimes painful life lessons of the last several thousand years on this planet. Although this site is in effect a treasure trove of ‘disclosure’ and of great interest and value to the various segments of the ‘truther’ movement, the real focus of the Avians’s message (which they had tried to impart to earlier civilizations such as ancient Egypt), is for us to become more mindful of how loving and forgiving we are in every moment, for only by becoming more so can we hope to create the wonderful new reality on Earth foretold in the ancient legends and contemporary channeled messages of the masters.

SpiritFind Spiritual Web Directory – A search engine for spiritual sites, includes sections on ascension, channeling, healing, meditation, psychics, and more. Updated daily!

Spiritualist Resources – For the Highest and the Best. An international directory of intuitive healers.