Intuitive Readings with Matt


Uncover your deep, hidden desires, fears, talents and destiny, to help you manifest more of the success, happiness, love and belonging that you are searching for. Discover the energetic patterns in your life that may be holding you back, and find that quiet voice that will guide you toward unlocking more of what you desire, finding the right companionship, and becoming the conscious master of your own circumstances. Tap into gifts you might not know you had, and learn how some of the things you might have been self conscious about may actually turn out to be among your biggest gifts. Discover how things may not be what they seem, and how unexpected events in your life may hold the key to a destiny greater than anything you ever would have considered before.

My name is Matt. I am an intuitive guide who uses intuitive/claircognizant abilities to help you discover what your truest desires and needs are in your current stage in life, and what you need to do to put these into action to get more of the success, love, satisfaction and sense of purpose that you want. I am able to see patterns in your life and in your energy that may be hindering you from having more of what you desire, and am also able to see patterns that may hint at talents and potentials you didn’t know you had (and how these are really the secret key to what you’re looking for). My greatest joy is in helping you discover how your life is meant to be an adventure, and to help point you on your path to both a greater sense of happiness and achievement, as well as purpose, mission and belonging. My specialty is in helping you see that things are not always as they appear, which is especially refreshing for those of us who have had challenging lifetimes or have not fulfilled preconceived notions of who or what we were taught we were ‘supposed’ to be. I am especially oriented to working with those whose life path or current situation do not follow a typical pattern, or have perhaps been more intense or challenging than expected. I see behind the surface-level story of your current circumstances to help you uncover the bigger truth hidden beneath.  More often than not, these themes are closely connected, as what may appear to be mysterious or out of place often holds the key to a vast power and potential we didn’t know we had. Before we came into this lifetime, we set clues for ourselves to help us discover this. This has been the case for me, and is what led me to the work I am doing now. And it all started in a way most unexpected.

I have experienced what would be labeled ‘paranormal’ phenomena from a very young age, although in the beginning I did not recognize them as such. I had a kundalini awakening at age 5, remember having out-of-body experiences around age 6, and began having explicit precognitive dreams about world events in my late teens. Raised to trust in Western science, however, it wasn’t until somewhat later that I undertook a journey of conscious awakening that led me to understand the significance of these experiences and abilities, and to begin to consciously expand them. Once I did this, I began discovering a whole new world of career and personal opportunities that I never knew were possible. As part of this process, I also learned how the things about myself that I feared or was self-conscious about were actually my greatest strengths, and the key to discovering my real destiny. (You can read my longer biography in the About Me section.) If you are ready to start finding out how things in your life may not be what they seem, and how you can become both happier and more powerful, then I invite you to contact me for a reading today. I am available for readings in person in Boulder, CO or from anywhere by phone, video Skype® or FaceTime®. In Boulder, I have office space at the HoloBeing healing collective, and can also arrange sessions in other relaxed public settings.  Readings are $2.00 per minute ($120/hr), with a 20 minute minimum, and can be paid via PayPal®, Bitcoin, or, for in-person readings, also with cash, check or credit/debit card. To schedule, please email or call 858-610-4741 (full details in the Contact/Schedule section). I also sometimes make appearances for in-person readings at new age bookstores and event centers in the Denver, CO area, where walk-in visits are welcome! See the Appearances page for locations and times.